{Tuskegee Wesley Foundation students}

I encountered the Tuskegee Wesley Foundation " or as we like to call it, "The Wes" " my freshman year at Tuskegee University. I had no knowledge of how I was going to survive in the South coming from Long Beach, California and not knowing a soul. How I managed to stumble upon the flyer for our Tuesday night Bible Study I cannot recall, but the difference the Wesley has made in my life is very clear. Rev. Sheila Bates and the Wesley family have always encouraged me to commit, serve, learn, and have fun while becoming a disciple for Jesus Christ.

The Wes offers many opportunities to make a difference within our community as a living, breathing church. We have assisted in renovating buildings, ministered to seniors, served in the food bank, prayed with the homeless, and taken several national and international mission trips. It is because of the Wes that God uses Ms. Sheila to inspire us to search inside ourselves and allow Him to transform our lives. Through this transformation, I started Let"s Talk, a domestic violence awareness program on campus. It was during this season I recommitted my life to Christ and I couldn"t have done this without Reverend Sheila and my Wesley Family.

Ms. Sheila and the Wesley Foundation made it possible for me to persevere through many life issues while attending Tuskegee. As I prepare to graduate in May, I often think about how much our Wesley family has meant to me and to the countless other students on campus. I find myself expressing these thoughts to the new students coming to Bible Study. I consider myself not just lucky, but blessed because of the Tuskegee Wesley Foundation. I know without a doubt I would not have strengthened my relationship with God and survived the past three and a half years without the Wes.
Tiffany Ford, English Major
Graduating Senior
Tuskegee University


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