God is truly showing off at the University of West Alabama Wesley Foundation in Livingston, AL. Every Monday night, the Wesley opens its doors for "Mondays at the Wesley" dinner where approximately 35 college students gather for a night of prayer, praise, worship, Bible study and fellowship - a tremendous testimony to God's greatness! The students are also actively involved in several local mission projects, including stocking a food pantry and a ministry with children.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 is the theme verse from God's Holy Word for the UWA Wesley Foundation: "Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up just as you are doing."

Maria Norah, Wesley resident, shares:
As a senior at The University of West Alabama, this is the first year that I have lived at The Wesley Foundation. I love living here! My home is not very far away, but it's not always easy for me to make trips home to see my family. So I stay at the Wesley most of the time. I have so much of a support system here that I really don't need to go home all of the time. It feels great to come here every night and have smiling faces greeting me when I walk through the door. There's always someone who makes me laugh and find joy in the Lord when I come "home" after school. I've lived all over this campus but there's no dorm that The University owns that compares to the love I feel when I step foot inside the Wesley. The Wesley is my home away from home and I can say that with confidence.

For more information about the UWA Wesley Foundation, contact:
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The University of West Alabama Wesley Foundation is one of the nineteen"Conference Advance Ministries"in the Alabama-West Florida Conference. The Advance program was created to give churches and individuals the opportunity to go the extra mile in giving. 100% of each gift given through the Advance is used for its intended mission or ministry. Your gifts through the Advance fulfill both physical and spiritual needs to make a life-changing and long-lasting impact. For more information about giving through the Advance, visit"You can also make online donations at that link.

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