Camp Discovery is a special camp experience at Blue Lake, especially designed for the at-risk children of United Methodist Inner CIty Mission and Dumas Wesley Community Center, both in Mobile."Begun in the early 1980s, the original and continued purpose of Camp Discovery is to take groups of inner-city children to a camp where they learn about developing community, leadership, faith practices, and to have an experience in nature. Many of the participating children have never been outside of Mobile before their trip to Camp Discovery.

Several years ago, a counselor presented Bibles to the participating children. For most of them, this was the first time they had ever had a Bible of their own. Late one night, one of the counselors saw three boys in their beds with flashlights under their sheets. When he checked, they were reading their Bibles.

Tyrek, age 9, said this about his experience at Camp Discovery: "I have been waiting to go to camp since my brother Elijah went to camp. This year my mom let me go and it was awesome! They had a lot of fun things to do in the woods and the food was really good. My favorite things were swimming in the lake and riding in the canoe. I can't wait to go to camp next year.

For more information about Camp Discovery, contact Phyllis Murray at or 334-222-5407.


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