All This College Kid Thinks About Is Food

Love may make the world go round, but hunger turned Ryan Lloyd"s world upside down. That"s how the junior at Auburn University described his Hunger Studies class last semester when he learned that world hunger is not just over there somewhere"it"s across town, down the street, next door.

"When I walked out of that class, my head was spinning," Ryan, a social studies major from Houston, Texas, says. "I thought, oh, my gosh, I"ve got to do something about this."

Ryan"s interest into hunger issues led to his discovery of The Society of St. Andrew. "As I learned more about what The Society of St. Andrew (SoSA) is doing, I wanted to do more." Currently Ryan and his friends go twice a week and pick up left-over produce from a local business and take it to a local food pantry. "We"ve gone to a farm in Shorter, Alabama, about four times this semester. We"ve picked sweet potatoes, peas, things of that nature and taken it to the local food bank."

Ryan says his experience with SoSA has been eye-opening. "We can"t just throw food away. We"re blessed to receive it. There"s almost a sense of obligation that food should not be wasted but used to benefit others."

The Society of St. Andrew is a nonprofit hunger-relief organization that rescues 30 to 35 million pounds of fresh, nutritious excess produce each year that would otherwise and for various reasons go to waste. Headquartered in Big Island, Va., SoSA has seven regional offices including one in Florida and Alabama. If you would like to become involved with the Society of St. Andrew, contact Mary Lynn Botts at


The Society of St. Andrew is one of the nineteen"Conference Advance Ministries"in the Alabama-West Florida Conference. The Advance program was created to give churches and individuals the opportunity to go the extra mile in giving. 100% of each gift given through the Advance is used for its intended mission or ministry. Your gifts through the Advance fulfill both physical and spiritual needs to make a life-changing and long-lasting impact. For more information about giving through the Advance, visit"You can also make online donations at that link.

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