“I can honestly say that, if not for Mary Ellen’s Hearth, I don’t know where I would be. And I don’t know what would have happened to my son. All I know is that Mary Ellen’s Hearth was there to give me and my son our second chance, and for that I will forever be grateful.” -Glenda

(Jennifer Hope Knox)  Above is a quotation that belongs to one of the many individuals who have been blessed by the mission of Mary Ellen’s Hearth – a mission of “offering hope, help, and healing to homeless women and children through Christian love and values.” This young woman, Glenda, shared that this was not her first instance of experiencing homelessness and that the program’s “house rules” were familiar to say the least. Although initially considering this as just another temporary home, Glenda’s perspective on her future soon experienced a radical transformation that only the grace of God can provide: A now sober Glenda is living in a small apartment with her son and has HOPES of one day owning a home! Glenda has found hope, and that hope is something that cannot be taken away from her.

Glenda is currently maintaining a full-time job, one that she has been maintaining for seven months, and is using that money responsibly to pay rent. Mary Ellen’s Hearth is credited as being her “saving grace.” Homelessness no longer has Glenda bound by chains; she has been set free! With newfound skills in budgeting, decision making, problem solving, and parenting, Glenda has combated one of life’s biggest obstacles and has been crowned victor. Jesus Christ sets the captives free, and by the means of the Great Commission, hope is being advanced in His name!

Glenda’s story of homelessness and hopelessness is an all-too-common one in Montgomery; therefore, programs such as Mary Ellen’s Hearth are more essential to the community, now, than ever before!  “Rock-bottom” no longer has to be their reality. Not only does this program provide a safe living environment for homeless women and their children, it also empowers families to stabilize their lives, build new skills, decrease their dependency on emergency service, and to keep their families united once and for all. Thanks be to God!


For more information about Mary Ellen's Hearth, contact LaTeasa Hicks at or (334) 264-4108.


Mary Ellen's Hearth is one of the fifteen Conference Advance Ministries in the Alabama-West Florida Conference. The Advance program was created to give churches and individuals the opportunity to go the extra mile in giving. 100% of each gift given through the Advance is used for its intended mission or ministry. Your gifts through the Advance fulfill both physical and spiritual needs to make a life-changing and long-lasting impact. For more information about giving through the Advance, visit You can also make online donations at that link.

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