Columbus Mitchell and Rev. Steve Kopp


(Jennifer Hope Knox)   Communities of Transformation (COT) strives to open hearts, minds, and doors. Columbus Mitchell’s story is a great example of how this ministry pours out Christ’s love to its community:

In October, Reverend Steve Kopp got a call from a local car dealer in Selma who was looking for a salesperson. Because Steve and volunteer Judy McInnis had met with Columbus as part of Selma's COT ministry since it began in 2015, they knew that he would be “just the right man for the job.” The participants and volunteers had spent several weeks on job readiness where they had identified each participant's skills and assets. When asked to describe Columbus, both Steve and Judy confidently cited two qualities that a good salesman needs: his smile and personality.    
"Columbus has not only a great smile and joyful personality, he has a kind and caring heart for his friends, both old and the ones he just met," Steve said. "It is hard to describe the joy I felt when I was able to recommend him for his new job. I knew that he would be a perfect fit." 

COT’s relationship with Columbus provided him with a well-deserved job! The ministry helped Columbus’s credentials not go unnoticed. Columbus said that to him, his job is about more than selling cars. He enjoys meeting and talking to people and getting to know their stories.


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